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Getting medication through an intravenous (IV) infusion can ensure the medicine gets to cells and tissues that need it the most. At Gastroenterology Associates of Central Georgia, you have access to a state-of-the-art private infusion center right in the heart of Macon, Georgia. If you have Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or another chronic inflammatory bowel issue, make an appointment to see how IV medications can help you. Book your exam by calling the office directly.

Private Research Center Q & A

Why would I need to visit a private infusion center?

A private infusion center is a warm and comfortable environment where you can relax while you receive your essential medications via an intravenous (IV) catheter. Your doctor may recommend undergoing this advanced type of treatment if you have:

Crohn’s disease
Ulcerative colitis
Autoimmune disease

Undergoing treatment at a private infusion center may be particularly beneficial if you haven’t experienced relief from traditional treatments or oral medications. 

As a premier private infusion center, Gastroenterology Associates of Central Georgia provides IV treatments with FDA approved biologics, which are antibodies or immune compounds designed to target proteins in the body that have been shown to contribute to inflammation. These medications can be beneficial because they target specific parts of the body, unlike traditional medications, which may affect the whole body.   

You will be cared for by a team of highly experienced nurses dedicated to the practice of Gastroenterology. Unlike a hospital setting for IV therapy, you will have the comfort of easy parking and the ability to return to the same building where you see your Gastroenterologist for your regular appointments.   

How often do I need infusion treatments?

It depends on which type of infusion medication you need. The length of time an infusion takes, and the frequency of infusion treatments, varies between different medications. 

Because infusion treatments take at least an hour or two, it’s important to ensure you schedule your time accordingly. You might not be able to fit your infusion session in during your lunch break, but the dedicated team offers flexible scheduling designed to work around your schedule. 

What should I expect?

After you are checked in, you will be taken back to the infusion room to meet with your infusion nurse. Your nurse will perform a brief assessment, including obtaining vital signs, before you begin your infusion. The nurse will start an intravenous (IV) line, which involves inserting a small, thin catheter into a vein, usually in your arm. The nurse will connect the medication to the IV. 

The medication is in an IV bag, which is connected to the IV catheter in your arm by a long thin tube. The infusion will begin and, based on the indicated drug, will be infused at specific rates and length of time. 

Your nurse will monitor you closely throughout the infusion. You might just decide to take this time to take a well-deserved nap, read a favorite book, or catch up on emails. After the infusion is complete, the nurse will allow the appropriate time for post-infusion monitoring before removing the IV catheter. 

To schedule your private infusion, call Gastroenterology Associates of Central Georgia.