Gastrointestinal Research and Clinical Trial Center of Georgia has been involved in clinical research for years and has successfully completed over 40 trials. Our studies target conditions of the upper and lower GI tract and are conducted under the supervision of an experienced research team. We focus in Phase II, III, and IV clinical trials. These trials test the safety and effectiveness of new and current drugs for the treatment of digestive diseases. All studies are FDA approved and monitored by the regulatory divisions of the pharmaceutical industry. Our research facility is dedicated to promoting and expanding gastroenterology through new and ongoing clinical trials.

By volunteering for our gastrointestinal clinical trials you will have the opportunity to try new treatments or try an existing therapy for a new indication to help in the understanding of your condition. If you are eligible for our clinical trials, all medications, examinations and laboratory tests are provided to you at no cost. Most of our clinical trials include compensation for your time and traveling expenses.


Toni Broach
Clinical Research Coordinator
478-464-2600 Ext 113

Karen Shadwick
Clinical Research Coordinator
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We know your time is important. Our research team will work with you and your work schedule.